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Tag: biodiversity

IUCN report shows conservation sites improving across Asia

The first assessment of IUCN World Heritage sites since 2014 shows a number of surprising trends, including every Asian site having either improved, or been stable

There is so much bad news for environmental issues at global events that a report that things are improving, or at least not deteriorating, is a welcome relief. For the Conference of Parties…Read More

Global meet puts focus back on biodiversity

The Cancún Declaration on biodiversity has chalked out an action plan to restore the ecology, improve conservation and manage pollinators that are essential for food security

Intergovernmental negotiations under the UN Convention on Biological Diversity in Cancún, Mexico, have ended with a slew of decisions aimed at safeguarding nature…Read More

Life in Ganga faces unprecedented crisis

Dirty water, toxic water, low water, no water — India’s greatest river is increasingly becoming unliveable for the rich aquatic life it once supported easily

If you’re a Jim Corbett fan, you’ll know that he loved angling for the Golden Mahseer just as much as he relished the challenge of putting down a man eating tiger. But if he were to cast his line in the Upper Ganga today…Read More