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Tag: Bonn climate summit

Climate risks weigh heavily upon business elite

As the World Economic Forum meets in Davos this week, the world’s economic leadership thinks environmental disasters and climate-related impacts are the biggest risks to global business in 2018

Global leaders have said extreme weather events would likely pose the greatest threat to business in 2018, which marks a major departure from what they thought even 10 years ago…Read More

Best of 2017: Only solution is if global money goes green

Combating climate change needs money that is only available in global bond and equity markets, which are heavily invested in fossil fuels; public finances are needed to make them change direction

Trillions of dollars. That is what India said it needed to deal with climate change in 2015, and it is only one of – though one of the biggest – the developing countries. Where will this come from?…Read more

Best of 2017: Climate insurance not enough for loss and damage

Insurance initiatives for those vulnerable to climate change impacts is a move in the right direction, but more needs to done to account for the loss and damage suffered by communities that have done little to add to global warming

Two major global insurance initiatives were launched at the Bonn climate summit that aim to provide insurance to hundreds of millions of…Read more

Commonwealth seeks common response to climate threat

The devastation of Commonwealth countries in the Caribbean due to the series of hurricanes this year has brought an increasing sense of urgency

Why was the Commonwealth Secretary General at the UN climate summit? “The Commonwealth is very involved in tackling climate change,” answered Patricia Scotland. “We were the first to put climate change on the agenda, in 1989…Read more