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Tag: Bundelkhand

Linking rivers will not save Bundelkhand

Retaining rainwater through ponds, check dams and farm embankments will quench Bundelkhand’s thirst far better than a grand river linking scheme based on dodgy assumptions on water availability

Even as Bundelkhand shrivels under the onslaught of a prolonged drought, the government is going ahead with a grand scheme to link two major rivers at this southern edge of the Ganga basin…Read More

Photo Feature: Heat, dust and water in Bundelkhand

The availability of water, or the lack of it, shapes lives in drought-stricken Bundelkhand

Only a few farmers in Bundelkhand have enough money to dig over 50 metres and pump water out of the few aquifers that have not gone dry. A few others have built check dams and embankments to hold the rain where it falls. But such oases are too few and far between…Read More

Bringing water back to Bundelkhand

Wiser water retention strategies and a revival of traditional land-use practices could show the way to rejuvenate the wasted land of Bundelkhand that has been battling drought for years

The sight of water was startling. In a region wrung dry, the lake near Jignanda village in Bundelkhand stirred hope in the middle of a desiccated land being ravaged by drought…Read More

Hunger stalks scorched Bundelkhand

As summer tightens its grip over large swathes of India, more than a quarter of the country’s billion plus population is battling drought. The first of a series from the water-starved region of Bundelkhand

Unceasing droughts, failed harvests, and inefficient food distribution and job guarantee schemes have raised the spectre of hunger and thirst in Bundelkhand…Read More