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Tag: carbon footprint

China’s carbon emissions drive global uptick in 2017

Rising coal consumption ends three years of stable emissions, with China leading the pack

China’s carbon emissions are projected to grow by 3.5% in 2017, ending a trend that has seen emissions fall for the past three years globally, according to a new study launched at the UN climate talks in Bonn. India’s emissions are projected to grow 2% in 2017, according to the report…Read More

Indian companies raise bar on climate action

Businesses in India are increasingly aligning with Paris climate goals by setting targets to reduce emissions and by putting an internal price on carbon as a risk mitigation tool

Corporations in India are increasingly setting targets to reduce emissions by using energy more efficiently and deploying the use of renewable energy for business operations…Read More

How green fishing reduces carbon footprint

Carbon emissions from India’s fishing industry is now getting the attention it deserves through a slew of innovations that include energy efficient fishing vessels and solar boats

Increasing carbon emissions from mechanised fishing in India has become a cause for concern. When a tonne of oil sardine is fished and brought to shore in a kerosene-fuelled vessel…Read More

Using big data to reduce carbon footprint

Ahmedabad-based Ecolibrium Energy has won one of the prestigious Ashden Awards this year by offering a product to boost energy efficiency in industrial production by using big data in innovative ways

Depending on intensive industrialisation to fuel its development, India faces the challenge of pursuing growth while having a minimal impact on the environment and natural resources…Read More