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Tag: carbon sinks

Strengthen local forest rights for best climate solutions

India needs to proactively include indigenous communities and forest dwellers in its efforts to restore and expand forest cover to sequester carbon, and not exclude them from forestry management

In India, a new wave of admiration about our traditional knowledge has emerged in public discourse, but it is not reflected in the ways the state wants to manage our forests…Read More

New trend of gifting trees takes root to capture carbon

An innovative approach of gifting trees to reduce greenhouse gas emissions has resulted in the planting of 2.48 million trees, which would absorb 50 million kg of carbon dioxide every year

An Indian company called Grow-Trees has created waves by offering companies and individuals the possibility of gifting a plantation to offset greenhouse gas emissions…Read More

Replanting mangroves in Kachchh saves coast, people, world

The efforts to replant mangroves on Gujarat’s Kachchh coast is a positive development that has become necessary because older mangrove forests have been cut down

Hassan Bhai stretches his sinewy, sun-tanned, fisherman’s arm’s across a large swath of the Gulf of Kachchh and proudly shows the mangrove plantation that people from his village nurture…Read More