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Tag: Cauvery

Reduced Cauvery share to deepen crisis in Tamil Nadu

The Supreme Court’s decision to reduce Tamil Nadu’s share of the water of Cauvery River is likely to lead to further groundwater depletion, coastal instability and salinity intrusion in the delta

The Supreme Court has reduced the water quota of Tamil Nadu from the inter-state Cauvery River, citing data that suggested that around 20 TMC of groundwater was available in the state…Read More

Honey with coffee reinforces climate resilience

The famed Kodagu coffee estates are experimenting with bee farms to add to incomes so that the forested landscape of this biodiversity hotspot is better able to sequester carbon

While honey can sweeten coffee for the drinker, coffee farmers of Kodagu district of Karnataka are realising that raising bees for honey in the farms can sweeten their economic returns…Read More