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Tag: changing weather

Deadly thunderstorms test India’s weather warning system

To control the damage from high-impact thunderstorms, India needs to deploy a better weather warning system and ensure widespread awareness of safety measures

After thunderstorms killed over 60 people by mid-May in northern India following a similar event involved 125 deaths earlier in the month, scientists are calling for better forecasts and dissemination…Read More

Analysing recent high-impact storms in India

In terms of frequency, recent thunderstorm and dust storm activity was higher than normal, a top meteorologist said in an interview, adding that the intensity was also high, but not record-breaking

Vast swathes of India have been recently buffeted by high-intensity thunderstorms and dust storms that led to hundreds of deaths and millions in property damage….Read More

When rhododendrons bloom in winter

That the rhododendron bloomed so early due to an unusually warm spell, 2-3 months before they typically do, could be due to climate change, some researchers are saying.