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Tag: climate risk

Climate risks weigh heavily upon business elite

As the World Economic Forum meets in Davos this week, the world’s economic leadership thinks environmental disasters and climate-related impacts are the biggest risks to global business in 2018

Global leaders have said extreme weather events would likely pose the greatest threat to business in 2018, which marks a major departure from what they thought even 10 years ago…Read More

Extreme heat shaves billions off India’s GDP

Developing nations are demanding a financial mechanism to deal with climate disasters at the global summit in Bonn, even as heat waves start affecting millions of workers in countries like India and China

Jagdish Patra had not being feeling too well since over a month. The 53-year-old worked as a security guard at a large garment store in eastern India’s Bhubaneswar city…Read More

Climate risk perilously high in India

The Global Climate Risk Index 2018 released at the Bonn summit shows that India is alarmingly vulnerable – resulting in many deaths and huge economic losses

A risk index released at the COP23 this week places India as one of the countries most vulnerable to climate change impacts. The South Asian nation ranks sixth among the most…Read More