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Confusion, apathy defeated Cyclone Ockhi warnings and killed fishers

The lack of a well-coordinated and effective early warning system for cyclones often catches fishers on the Kerala coast unawares, especially when the electronic media is apathetic about broadcasting it, as the scores of deaths in high seas during Cyclone Ockhi proved yet again

Soosai Melkias spent the first days of December repairing his house damaged…Read more

Mangalore port most vulnerable to rising sea

Many of the ports on India’s long coastline such as Mumbai, Kakinada and Mangalore are likely to see large parts of their areas go under water in the next 100 years due to the inexorable rise in sea levels

A century from now, Mangalore city in coastal Karnataka will have the port most affected in India by the rise in sea levels caused by global warming, according to a recent study by NASA…Read more