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Climate diplomacy and India: an insider’s view

Jairam Ramesh, India’s environment minister from May 2009 to July 2011, recalls the complex negotiations at two key climate conferences that led the way to the Paris Agreement

I became India’s Minister of Environment and Forests in May 2009 with instructions from Prime Minister Manmohan Singh to change both the substance and style of India’s climate diplomacy…Read More

India will soon have climate blueprint

Expert groups set up by the government will recommend the best way to meet national commitments made under the Paris climate pact, even as India is ready to boost latest carbon-minimising technologies

To meet commitments under the Paris Agreement, India has set up an implementation committee and six expert groups to develop a road map…Read More

Climate change cause is not lost despite Trump pullout

Since Donald Trump has reneged on climate commitments, the world needs a concerted effort to subsidise pioneering ventures such as giant solar thermal plants to keep carbon dioxide levels from rising too fast

Till a month ago, the world had assumed that the US would lead the transition to a low-carbon world. That belief died when the US withdrew…Read More

India, China will offset Donald Trump’s climate backslide

India and China’s transition to a low-carbon economy will stop the planet from getting warmer even if Donald Trump reneges on the Paris climate agreement and flattens US emissions control, predicts a new study

The US is likely to fall far short of commitments arrived in December 2015 at the Paris Climate Summit because of the rollbacks…Read More

Wind power passes inflexion point in India

Already accounting for 9% of India’s total installed energy capacity, wind power looks to add another 6GW this year, an unprecedented expansion that will help the country overshoot its Paris climate pact commitments

Industry leaders, regulators and government officials are unanimous in predicting a bright outlook for wind power, which has been growing swiftly…Read More