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Kolkata India’s air pollution capital

Vehicular pollution, particularly from diesel cars and trucks, are primarily responsible for the worsening air quality in Kolkata, which is emerging as the pollution capital of India

Will Kolkata soon wrest the country’s pollution capital crown from Delhi? Delhi may be vying with Beijing for global topper status in air pollution and garnering all the attention for polluted air, but Kolkata…Read More

From bread basket to basket case

Climate-smart reforms are required to change farming practices in Punjab and Haryana, the bread basket of India, to tackle the severe air pollution that afflicts Delhi and north India every autumn

The widespread burning of crop residue in Punjab and Haryana has contributed significantly to the catastrophic levels of air pollution in the national capital and across northern India…Read More

Big Delhi push to rooftop solar

India’s capital has a new target to generate a gigawatt of solar power by 2020 and 2 GW by 2025 through rooftop installations, with the government announcing a slew of incentives

Delhi may be the next big solar city, if the government of India’s National Capital Territory has its latest wish fulfilled. It has set a target of generating 1 GW of solar power…Read more