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India leads G20 pack in greening its economy

It will take more than a recalcitrant Donald Trump to detail the decarbonising of G20 economies, especially in emerging nations such as India

As leaders of the G20 nations gather in Hamburg in Germany on July 7-8 for their annual meeting, lively debates are expected on climate change, with Prime Minister Narendra Modi and German Chancellor Angela Markel prioritising the issue…Read More

Climate change cause is not lost despite Trump pullout

Since Donald Trump has reneged on climate commitments, the world needs a concerted effort to subsidise pioneering ventures such as giant solar thermal plants to keep carbon dioxide levels from rising too fast

Till a month ago, the world had assumed that the US would lead the transition to a low-carbon world. That belief died when the US withdrew…Read More

Trump bids goodbye to Paris agreement

The US President has declared his willingness to take the US out of the Paris agreement, gathering widespread criticism, and leaving progress on climate change mitigation and adaptation adrift

US President Donald Trump has made his expected announcement pulling his country out of the Paris climate agreement. He also said the US would, “begin negotiations to re-enter…Read More

Trump hesitates over global climate deal

Even as aides of US President Donald Trump postpone decision on whether to stay in the Paris climate deal, the head of UN Framework Convention on Climate Change says a way has to be found to bring all countries together

The deferred Trump administration meeting means the global climate community continues to live in uncertainty about what the US will do…Read More

Trump’s move to dismantle climate policy will backfire

US President Donald Trump’s order to review Barack Obama’s clean power plan is unlikely to bring back coal in the US, where economics, not regulation, is killing the sector

US President Donald Trump used a visit to the Environmental Protection Agency in Washington DC to sign an executive order seeking to dismantle his predecessor’s legacy on climate change…Read More