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Tag: energy efficiency

India’s new biofuel policy to amplify clean energy use

The recently announced national policy on biofuels is another step towards producing clean energy in the country. It also has the additional benefit of boosting farm incomes

To reduce its dependence on imported oil, India in May approved a national biofuels policy that allows ethanol production from damaged farm produce and other starch-containing materials…Read More

Renewable energy can help reduce India’s water stress

Water scarcity has often impacted output in India’s power sector that depends overly on coal-fired plants requiring much cooling, but that can change with increasing use of renewable energy

Although India is facing freshwater scarcity, it continues to depend heavily on electricity production that requires large amounts of water for cooling, often leading to situations when production…Read More

Superfans could reduce India’s carbon footprint

Reducing power consumption of ceiling fans, one of the most used electrical appliances in India, has the potential of paring energy demand and carbon emissions

With a user base of almost 350 million, ceiling fans are one of the most used appliances in India. However, in terms of energy efficiency, they are the most ignored…Read More