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Sinking Sundarbans islands underline climate crisis

Although millions living in Sundarbans islands are as much at risk from rising seas as those in the Pacific Ocean such as Tuvalu, Kiribati and Fiji, there isn’t a fraction of global concern for them

Kalyani Mandal has gone way past hope. Living in Dhoblat Shibpur, a coastal village on Sagar Island in the Sundarbans estuary, her house has been washed away by the sea thrice in 10 years…Read More

Big breakthrough at climate summit despite US

Despite stiff resistance from the developed world, India wins promise on accounting for action now at the UN climate summit

As President Donald Trump has already withdrawn the US government from the Paris Agreement and sent a letter to this effect to the UNFCCC, what are US government delegates doing in the negotiating rooms during the climate summit…Read More

Little money in sight at climate summit

But lots of talk on how to administer whatever is available

As the first week of the November 6-17 UN climate summit in Bonn, Germany, drew towards a close, the European Union, Switzerland and Canada reiterated their commitment to increase financial help to developing countries to US$100 billion per year by 2020. But right now, the grants…Read More