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How green fishing reduces carbon footprint

Carbon emissions from India’s fishing industry is now getting the attention it deserves through a slew of innovations that include energy efficient fishing vessels and solar boats

Increasing carbon emissions from mechanised fishing in India has become a cause for concern. When a tonne of oil sardine is fished and brought to shore in a kerosene-fuelled vessel…Read More

Does eating more fish increase climate vulnerability?

The challenges of safely navigating the evolution of the food-energy-water nexus demand that fishing in rivers and seas is done without upsetting nature’s checks and balances

The impact of dams on fish diversity is a telling example of unintended consequences and cascades of human activities. It is also true that while aquaculture may complement yield…Read More

The troubled trout of Kashmir

Brought to Kashmir from Europe a century ago, the trout is imperilled by pollution, human intervention and climate change

The man most associated with the introduction of trout in Jammu & Kashmir was the angler Frank J Mitchel. Although an indigenous variety already existed in the waters, Mitchel convinced the maharaja to ask the British for more… Read More

The Palla stays away

Pakistan is losing a living heritage, as climate change and dams upstream have led to lack of enough water in the Indus for the famous Palla fish to swim upstream and spawn

Pakistan’s lifeline river Indus is no more a spawning ground for the famous south Asian Hilsa fish, known locally as the Palla. Scientists blamed the change in monsoon pattern…Read More