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Tag: Forest fire

Forests burn across India as temperatures rise

India’s forests have become increasingly vulnerable to fires due to hotter summers, erratic rainfall and longer dry spells triggered mainly by climate change

The beginning of summer in India has arrived with a spate of forest fires across the country. Fires are raging in the dry deciduous forests of southern and western India. Sporadic fires have begun in the Himalayan forests as well…Read More

Himalayan villages reap benefit of recharging springs

By harvesting rainwater and recharging springs, many villages in mountainous Uttarakhand have succeeded in meeting local demand for water and in reducing the chances of forest fires as well

Life for 29-year-old Sangeeta Devi wasn’t the same eight years ago until a huge water storage tank was built on top of the hill near her village. It made a much-required difference in her life…Read More

Fires threaten Amazon forests and Brazil’s emission targets

Fires raging across Amazonia could reach unprecedented levels by October if authorities do not clamp down on the practice of starting them to clear and maintain pastures

The number of fire outbreaks in Brazil is 57% higher than at the same time last year and the numbers may increase since the fire season intensifies from July through to October…Read More

Blazing Himalayas set off blame game

Climate change and arsonists have been blamed for fires destroying large swathes of forest, but there is little talk of what the forest department should have done

At least six people have been killed as nearly 400 separate forest fires rage in two states in the Indian Himalayas. Three men have been arrested and charged with arson. The Indian…Read More