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Tag: glacial lakes

Glacial lake threatens Sikkim’s heritage village

Climate change is leading to expansion of the lake sitting atop this picture postcard village high up the Himalayas, and the village may disappear if the lake bursts its banks

“Mosquitos and tourists!” Chokdup Lachenpa shouts at no one in particular as he takes a long sip of Tongba (hot beer) from his bamboo mug. As if on cue, the children chorus…Read More

Hazards in the high mountains: Koshi Basin Part 1

Landslides, earthquakes, melting glaciers and deadly floods make life precarious on the Nepal-Tibet border

In Nepal’s Sindhupalchowk district, close to the Tibet border, fast flowing water emerges beneath a huge pile of debris left by the landslide that devastated the village of Jure nearly two years ago. Once the busiest highway between Nepal and China, the road was disrupted for months after the…Read More