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Tag: Heat

Is Delhi prepared to beat the heat this summer?

The Delhi government is yet to formulate a heat action plan this summer but state-run hospitals say they are prepared to treat people suffering from heat-related problems

With the Met department predicting an exceptionally hot summer this year, the National Disaster Management Authority has sounded out vulnerable states an early warning against…Read More

India needs strategies to combat urban heat stress

High heat stress is making India’s cities unliveable, and it’s vital to devise ways to adapt to high urban temperatures across the country

With climate change leading to a rise in temperatures and rapid concretisation exacerbating urban heat island effect, it has become important to develop both mitigation and adaptation strategies to reduce and combat heat stress…Read More

India’s poorest areas most vulnerable to heat waves

Even as India launches plans to tackle heat waves in some cities, researchers have found that people living in impoverished parts of central India are the most vulnerable

People living in underdeveloped parts of central India are most vulnerable to the health impacts of heat waves, a Heat Vulnerability Index for the country has found…Read More

Rising heat saps India’s productivity

Higher temperatures due to climate change are hurting workplace productivity in India, shaving off at least 3% from the country’s gross domestic product

Life isn’t easy for rickshaw puller Ajoy Mandal. In summers, it becomes intolerable. “Working in the heat has become virtually impossible but I have no choice,” says Mandal…Read more