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Tag: HFCs

Cool world of new refrigerants

Where are the cooling gases that will neither warm the earth nor make a hole in the ozone layer?

Refrigerant gases have been global villains since it was found that they depleted the ozone layer on top of the earth’s atmosphere. The Montreal Protocol that included a calendar to phase out these gases has been hailed as the most successful global environmental treaty till now…Read More

HFC phasedown will be climate win for India

India can make a mark in global environmental leadership by phasing down chemicals that contribute to global warming

The world has won a major battle against pollutants, by phasing out chemicals that caused a hole in the earth’s ozone layer. The next challenge is to phase down the chemicals that are being used as alternatives because…Read More

Coolants that warm earth on way out, finally

The decision taken in Kigali to phase out HFCs can avoid 0.5 degree Celsius rise in global temperatures by the end of the century

Less than a year after finalising the historic Paris Agreement, the world wrapped up another major deal to fight climate change on the morning of October 15, authorising an amendment to the ozone-saving Montreal Protocol that can prove…Read More