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Photo feature: Changing face of water use in the Himalayas

As towns in the Himalayas get increasingly crowded and affected by climate change, water supply is becoming a huge issue

Environmental and social changes are impacting the ways in which small towns throughout the Himalayas source and distribute water. A research project in India and Nepal — called Pani, Pahar: Waters of the Himalayas — tried to understand…Read More

When rhododendrons bloom in winter

That the rhododendron bloomed so early due to an unusually warm spell, 2-3 months before they typically do, could be due to climate change, some researchers are saying.

From drought to floods in 45 days

A scorching summer has given way to an above-average monsoon in South Asia; people who were praying for rain are now fleeing from it

By the end of July, an estimated 300 people have been killed by floods and around three million have been forced to flee their homes, as a water-parched South Asia has suddenly got too much of it since the start of the monsoon…Read More