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Tag: horticulture

Litchi orchards wilt under changing climate

Fluctuating weather patterns have started impacting the famous litchi orchards of Muzaffarpur in Bihar, resulting in poor harvests and decreased sweetness of the fruit

When litchi trees flowered well in March, farmers Ravinder Singh and Surender Yadav anticipated that the fruit harvest would be good. By the second week of June, they were bitterly disappointed…Read More

Saffron crop fails in Kashmir due to drought

The harvest of saffron, known as the king of spices, has been declining in recent years and has failed farmers in Kashmir completely in 2017 because of a severe drought caused in part by climate change

“Earlier, we used to squat and move around slowly in our saffron fields for harvesting bounty crops. But over the past few years, production of saffron flowers has come down to such a level…Read more