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Tag: hydropower

Requiem for a people’s river

The documentary film, Ho Gayi Hai Pir Parvat Si, puts the voices of the people of Himachal Pradesh, where the Sutlej River is being dammed by hydropower projects, front and centre

Locals step up protests against large Sikkim dam

Indigenous Lepchas hope they can block yet another large hydropower project in the Himalayan state of Sikkim at a UNESCO world heritage site

While the government of Sikkim is determined to convert its rivers into so-called white gold by exploiting its vast hydropower resources, indigenous Lepchas of the state hope their opposition will halt construction…Read More

China’s hydro expansion will fail without energy market reform

China must tackle shrinking demand in the energy sector before bringing more hydropower online

Energy demand in China is slowing. This is causing a major headache for the hydropower sector, which has invested heavily in new projects in recent years. The continued construction of hydropower has led to surplus capacity and tumbling profits…Read More

Melting glaciers may impact hydropower plans

The World Water Week has put the focus back into shrinking glaciers but the jury is still out on the impacts they will have on the flow in snow-fed rivers and hydropower generation

Glaciers are retreating due to climate change. What does that mean for water flow in the streams and rivers downhill? Experts say the effects are much varied…Read More