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Tag: irrigation

Drier wells in Deccan Plateau would deepen farm distress

As the climate changes for the worse over much of the semi-arid regions of India, the increasing demand for irrigation could lead to dry wells even if there is better groundwater recharge

Under changed climatic conditions, an expansion of irrigated agriculture in the Deccan Plateau would negate any gains in groundwater recharge due to increased rainfall, new research shows…Read More

Saffron crop fails in Kashmir due to drought

The harvest of saffron, known as the king of spices, has been declining in recent years and has failed farmers in Kashmir completely in 2017 because of a severe drought caused in part by climate change

“Earlier, we used to squat and move around slowly in our saffron fields for harvesting bounty crops. But over the past few years, production of saffron flowers has come down to such a level…Read more

Scientists slam study linking farmer suicides with climate change

A widely reported study that links Indian farmers’ suicides to climate change has come under criticism, with some academics accusing it of misunderstanding data, poor analysis and wrong conclusions

Some scholars have taken exception to a study by Tamma Carleton of the University of California, Berkeley, which links farmers’ suicides to rises in temperature due to climate change…Read More

International Solar Alliance plans major irrigation initiative

Although it is yet to become a legal entity under United Nations rules, the International Solar Alliance is planning to install solar pumps for irrigation in sunshine-rich nations, particularly in Africa

A year and half since its launch at Paris Climate Summit by Prime Minister Narendra Modi and French President François Hollande, the International Solar Alliance is still waiting for ratification…Read More

India’s food-water-energy nexus: disaster or opportunity?

Overuse of water for irrigation is taking India towards disaster, but new technologies provide opportunities to reverse the trend

To escape the disaster being caused by the water-food-energy nexus, India must rapidly deploy new solutions, enhance its own innovation for its monsoon-specific agricultural system, and develop nimble policies…Read More