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Tag: Jammu & Kashmir

Kashmir struggles with climate adaptation projects

Even as a changing climate impacts various sectors in Kashmir such as agriculture and animal husbandry, the state government has failed to implement its climate action plan despite ample funds

Although the central government has endorsed Jammu & Kashmir government’s State Action Plan on Climate Change for about USD 1 billion, the state government is yet to carry out any work…Read More

Increased siltation raises Kashmir flood threat

Changes in land use triggered by climate change is adding to the silt load in Kashmir’s water bodies such as the Wular Lake, increasing the likelihood of annual floods

Kashmir’s deforested hills have been the prime cause of the heavy siltation of its water bodies. This is now being aggravated by changes in land use that are partially due to climate change…Read More

India suspends Indus commissioners’ meetings

The move to suspend the regular six-monthly meetings comes after a terrorist attack in Uri, Kashmir, killed 18 Indian soldiers; India blames Pakistan for sending the terrorists, which Pakistan denies

India has decided to indefinitely suspend the regular meetings of the Indus Water Commissioners of India and Pakistan held under the…Read More

A phone for Kashmir’s nomads

The nomads of Jammu & Kashmir, suffering from natural disasters worsened by climate change, need satellite phones for extreme weather updates

The nomads of the Indian state of Jammu & Kashmir, who spend entire summers in the Himalayan highlands, are often victims disasters that are worsened by climate change, and are just as often ignored…Read More