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Confusion, apathy defeated Cyclone Ockhi warnings and killed fishers

The lack of a well-coordinated and effective early warning system for cyclones often catches fishers on the Kerala coast unawares, especially when the electronic media is apathetic about broadcasting it, as the scores of deaths in high seas during Cyclone Ockhi proved yet again

Soosai Melkias spent the first days of December repairing his house damaged…Read more

Climate-smart Pokkali farming needs machines

The revival of Pokkali, a traditional salt- and flood-resistant rice and fish farming system in Kerala, requires mechanisation to expand sustainably

As farmers in many regions of India revert tentatively to traditional farm systems to ensure food security under a changing climate, mechanisation must be given high priority in adaptation projects. Otherwise, these may fail because…Read More

Kerala trains local leaders on climate change

Kerala, which tops many development indicators in India, has broken new ground by training elected municipal and village leaders to tackle and mitigate challenges thrown up by climate change

Variability is the biggest issue in climate change that elected representatives at the local level have to face and the training will help them to lead the process of adaptation and mitigation…Read More

Walls can’t keep out the sea in Kerala

Even as storms become more intense due to climate change, walls along Kerala’s vulnerable shore are insufficient to protect the thickly populated coastal areas

The coast of Kerala, where rain-laden clouds of the southwest monsoon make landfall, is losing its natural edge. Granite blocks and concrete walls now bind much of the sandy beaches…Read More