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Kolkata India’s air pollution capital

Vehicular pollution, particularly from diesel cars and trucks, are primarily responsible for the worsening air quality in Kolkata, which is emerging as the pollution capital of India

Will Kolkata soon wrest the country’s pollution capital crown from Delhi? Delhi may be vying with Beijing for global topper status in air pollution and garnering all the attention for polluted air, but Kolkata…Read More

Kolkata suburbs still cannot handle garbage

Despite operating a climate-friendly sewage disposal system, Kolkata is struggling to implement a project to sustainably manage solid waste in the metropolis

Kolkata is often lauded for its unique sewage disposal through the wetlands on its eastern fringes, but the experience to institute a low-carbon solid waste management system in the city has been mixed at best…Read More

Green tribunal raises red flag over Kolkata wetlands

The National Green Tribunal has asked for an accounting of the amount of wastewater released into the Kolkata wetlands, raising a glimmer of hope for the unique ecosystem struggling for survival in the backyard of India’s eastern metropolis

How much difference could a foot of water possibly make? For thousands of fishermen and vegetable farmers in the East Kolkata Wetlands…Read More

Recycling works — Kolkata wetlands oldest proof

The waste recyclers in the wetlands of Kolkata are an increasingly neglected community who provide an useful and eco-friendly service without any recognition or support from the authorities

The extensive wetlands on the eastern fringes of Kolkata are unique in the world for several reasons. Besides supplying a significant portion of the metro city’s vegetables and fish…Read More