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Tag: Koshi basin

No bridges over troubled waters

Bigger floods and increased erosion due to climate change are threatening and damaging river bridges in Bihar, in some places forcing people to fall back on temporary pontoon bridges

Every January, fishermen at Beldour and Chautam blocks in Khagaria district of Bihar take part in the rather strange practice of donating boats at the confluence of Koshi and Bagmati rivers…Read More

River on the floodplains — best friend and worst enemy: Koshi Basin Part 4

Building of embankments has turned the capricious river into a fiendish foe for Nepal and India

All rivers in the Koshi basin lead to the Ganga. The major rivers the Sunkoshi, Arun and Tamor travel hundreds of kilometres from the glaciers in Tibet and meet at Triveni, 20 kilometres before the foothills peter out into the southern plains of Nepal. For people living on the plains…Read more

Roaring rivers, thirsty people: Koshi Basin Part 2

Villagers trapped between snow covered peaks and roaring rivers are running out of water

As we move down the Sunkoshi River along the newly built Sindhuli Bardibas highway that links the Himalayas with the Terai plains, we reach villages in the south-eastern parts of Nepal. The people are suffering a severe water crisis. Trapped between the lofty mountains and roaring…Read More

Hazards in the high mountains: Koshi Basin Part 1

Landslides, earthquakes, melting glaciers and deadly floods make life precarious on the Nepal-Tibet border

In Nepal’s Sindhupalchowk district, close to the Tibet border, fast flowing water emerges beneath a huge pile of debris left by the landslide that devastated the village of Jure nearly two years ago. Once the busiest highway between Nepal and China, the road was disrupted for months after the…Read More