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Tag: marine fishing

Kerala wakes up to ghosts of plastics haunting the Arabian Sea

Marine plastic debris has emerged as a problem in the coastal areas of Kerala, endangering fishes, birds and ecosystems, and threatening the livelihood of fishers

On a thin strip of land between the Arabian Sea and a lagoon 30 km north of Thiruvananthapuram, capital of Kerala, artisanal fishers are finding a menace — plastic debris from the ocean…Read More

How green fishing reduces carbon footprint

Carbon emissions from India’s fishing industry is now getting the attention it deserves through a slew of innovations that include energy efficient fishing vessels and solar boats

Increasing carbon emissions from mechanised fishing in India has become a cause for concern. When a tonne of oil sardine is fished and brought to shore in a kerosene-fuelled vessel…Read More

Does eating more fish increase climate vulnerability?

The challenges of safely navigating the evolution of the food-energy-water nexus demand that fishing in rivers and seas is done without upsetting nature’s checks and balances

The impact of dams on fish diversity is a telling example of unintended consequences and cascades of human activities. It is also true that while aquaculture may complement yield…Read More