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Tag: Marrakech

Green smudge on the Sahara

At the western edge of the desert that stretches from India to North Africa, an experimental Jatropha plantation shows promise

Gravel, dust, brown earth, yellow sand, dust, stone walls, veiled women, dust, rolling hills, dusty storefronts, acacia trees, dust, red sand, scrub, dust, browsing goats, young goatherds, dust, young plantations, drip irrigation, stones, dust…Read More

Pastoral tradition in Spiti faces climate threat

Every spring in Spiti, shepherds pay villages a fee and have their flock graze in their pastures. This tradition is now under threat from climate change

Tarachand Negi shook his head and moved his lips silently. “In the name of humanity, please consider my request,” he seemed to be saying. He had just heard some disturbing news from an acquaintance passing by. The ice bridge he normally used…Read More

No tilling please, we are farmers

An alternative farming method of direct seeding that helps Moroccan farmers use water optimally is seen as a good way to cope with weather changes due to climate change

At some 170 km north of Marrakesh in Morocco, the drive to Settat is stark in its arid scenery of depleted soils and eroded lands with deep rills showing up where rainfall runs off…Read More

It’s a hotter world without the money

With less than a day left for its scheduled close, the UN climate change summit in Marrakech remained stuck over funding issues

Poor nations need money to move to a greener economy and to deal with the impacts of climate change. The industrialised world was on its way to mobilising USD 65 billion in public financing by 2020 for this purpose…Read More

Greener economy achievable with will and planning

Heads of two think tanks in South Asia show the way forward to combat climate change and make a plea for cross-border cooperation

Floods and droughts in the same country in the same year, forced migration, food insecurity — climate change is already hitting the developing world so hard that governments have no option but to put their houses in order…Read More