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Tag: Montreal

India marks serious flaw in aviation emissions deal

The system of carbon offsets in the global agreement to restrain aircraft pollution announced in Montreal in October would increase costs for developing countries like India

The general assembly of the United Nations aviation agency has overwhelmingly agreed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from international flights amid strong reservations by India…Read More

India wants aviation carbon cap to follow Paris pact

India has proposed key changes in an international deal to restrain aviation emissions so that measures by International Civil Aviation Organization are in line with the Paris agreement on climate change

Even as some 200 nations meet in Montreal to hammer out a deal to contain aviation emissions, India has expressed its reservations unless some key concerns are addressed…Read More

Hurdles remain for global clampdown on hazardous refrigerants

India’s stand on restricting the use of hydrofluorocarbons, a potent greenhouse gas, at the recent Vienna meeting highlights its concerns on consumption growth and availability of low-cost replacement technologies

After the euphoria of the Paris climate negotiations last year, a significantly important set of negotiations are underway, which will shape…Read More

Flights on emission control radar

By their essentially global scope, controlling emissions from international aviation, to be negotiated in Montreal later this year, needs to work in tandem with the Paris Agreement

India and the United States have come a long way in the past two years on climate issues. Climate action has become the new and stronger pillar of both of the countries’ diplomacy…Read More