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Rain-bearing clouds thinning out over India

Over five decades, the low cloud cover has gone down, especially during the monsoon

The India Meteorological Department (IMD) has predicted that this year’s monsoon rainfall will be around 98% of the long period average, which is good news in this drought-prone era. But another study by the same IMD shows a more worrying trend. It has found that rain-bearing clouds…Read More

Climate change measured in coffee rain

As Karnataka roils over the Kaveri water dispute, the underlying cause is lowered climate resilience of the agro-forestry ecosystem in Kodagu’s coffee plantations

Coffee planters in the hill district of Kodagu in Karnataka are meticulous in keeping rainfall records in their estates. For some, the data goes back for decades. Their numbers tell the story…Read More

India pins hope on ample rainfall to revive growth

After two running years of failed rains that have pummelled farmers, a generous monsoon season remains the only way to relieve distress in the countryside and boost economic growth

Amid searing temperatures across vast swathes of India, the Met department has predicted that the southwest monsoon will arrive a few days late at a time when…Read More