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Incentives for rooftop solar can light up homes cheaply

There are now inexpensive and workable solutions to increase the uptake of rooftop solar power in the residential sector in India. They need a nudge through suitable government schemes

Households in India can save up to 95% of their electricity bill bills if they install solar photovoltaic cells on the roofs of their houses, a study has found. Even those who may not have roof space…Read More

Sunshine coalition readies to step up activities

The International Solar Alliance, a coalition of tropical nations, becomes a legal entity this week, which will add impetus to its aim to boost solar power capacity in 121 countries

Solar power in tropical countries is expected to get a big push when the International Solar Alliance — launched two years ago in Paris by Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the then French…Read more

Rooftop solar clocks impressive growth

Solar photovoltaic installations have emerged as the fastest growing segment in renewable energy sector in India

Installations of solar rooftop panels in India have been doubling every year for the past few years and have increased more than three times in the financial year ended March 2017, Bloomberg New Energy Finance has said in a report…Read more

No uptake for rooftop solar in Indian cities

Despite several incentives, installation of solar panels on residential rooftops have lagged far behind India’s ambitious targets, a new survey has found

India might be playing a leadership role in bringing the world together for the International Solar Alliance, but it is struggling with the adoption of solar rooftops in its metro cities in spite of generous government subsidies…Read More