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Tag: solar power

Green mini-grids support disaster relief during Bihar floods

Decentralised solar mini-grids ensured that relief and rescue operations were not hampered during the Bihar floods, in addition to providing a regular and reliable source of electricity to power-starved villages

Ashish Mishra recalled how a renewable energy-based mini-grid proved to be boon while managing relief and rescue operations last month when the devastating floods…Read More

Significant spike seen in clean energy jobs

As India ratchets up its renewables capacity, the domestic wind and solar energy sector is slated to open up more than a million employment opportunities in the next five years

India’s ambitious aim to install 160 GW of renewable energy by 2022 will have a positive impact on the country’s jobs market, a new study has predicted, which says that more than…Read More

Uttar Pradesh voters seek solar power, in vain

An overwhelming majority of voters in the ongoing assembly elections favour solar power but the state government has lagged far behind its targets

Even as Uttar Pradesh, India’s most populous state, is in the midst of electing a new government, a survey has found that there is huge support for solar energy among the majority of voters. Uttar Pradesh lies on the fertile river basins…Read More