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Sunshine coalition readies to step up activities

The International Solar Alliance, a coalition of tropical nations, becomes a legal entity this week, which will add impetus to its aim to boost solar power capacity in 121 countries

Solar power in tropical countries is expected to get a big push when the International Solar Alliance — launched two years ago in Paris by Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the then French…Read more

International Solar Alliance plans major irrigation initiative

Although it is yet to become a legal entity under United Nations rules, the International Solar Alliance is planning to install solar pumps for irrigation in sunshine-rich nations, particularly in Africa

A year and half since its launch at Paris Climate Summit by Prime Minister Narendra Modi and French President François Hollande, the International Solar Alliance is still waiting for ratification…Read More

Sunshine brings water to villages

Off-grid solar-powered water filtration systems are supplying clean drinking water to remote hamlets in Palghar, Maharashtra, where most residents are indigenous

For Rakmi Bachusdore, a 60-year-old woman of the MaThakur tribe from Bhojpada village, the onset of summer was the harshest. “After March, there was no water in or around our village…Read More

Sun power salts your food twice over

Agariyas, the traditional salt farmers of the Little Rann of Kutch in Gujarat, are turning to the eco-friendly practice of using solar-powered pumps to lift brine and save substantially on diesel costs

Far from grid-connected electricity, this clean energy option of solar pumps is providing a breakthrough for saltpan farmers, who produce nearly 70% of India’s salt…Read More