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Tag: sustainable development

Small initiative changes the lives of women in a big way

Helped by NGOs women in five small villages in Uttarakhand have transformed their lives using water harvesting, kitchen gardens, and organic farming

“Earlier it used to rain gently over many days and the rain didn’t fall continuously. That used to be good for our fields and to replenish water springs downhill but now that has changed,” said Kidi Devi who lives in the village Moan in the Himalayan…Read More

Climate resilience in peri-urban areas

Shiraz Wajih of Gorakhpur Environmental Action Group in eastern Uttar Pradesh argues that the zone of interaction between a city and its periphery holds the key to managing the effects of climate change

Gorakhpur city in eastern Uttar Pradesh is a perfect case study for the challenges of the peri-urban — the areas of interaction between a city and its periphery…Read More