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Tag: weather

Analysing recent high-impact storms in India

In terms of frequency, recent thunderstorm and dust storm activity was higher than normal, a top meteorologist said in an interview, adding that the intensity was also high, but not record-breaking

Vast swathes of India have been recently buffeted by high-intensity thunderstorms and dust storms that led to hundreds of deaths and millions in property damage….Read More

When rhododendrons bloom in winter

That the rhododendron bloomed so early due to an unusually warm spell, 2-3 months before they typically do, could be due to climate change, some researchers are saying.

Dynamic climate outpaces static forecasters

India’s weather forecasters need to spruce up their act because farmers and ordinary citizens are suffering huge losses due to incorrect predictions on erratic rainfall brought on by climate change

There was a rarest of rare police complaint registered in July last year when farmer-activist Gangabhishan Tawre lodged a complaint against the Met department for deceptive weather forecasts…Read More

Rain-bearing clouds thinning out over India

Over five decades, the low cloud cover has gone down, especially during the monsoon

The India Meteorological Department (IMD) has predicted that this year’s monsoon rainfall will be around 98% of the long period average, which is good news in this drought-prone era. But another study by the same IMD shows a more worrying trend. It has found that rain-bearing clouds…Read More