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Tag: Western Ghats

Save shola forests to combat climate change

The native ecosystem of shola forests and grasslands in the Western Ghats, which is known as the water tower of peninsular India, keeps the streams and rivers healthy

The health of the forests of the Western Ghats contributes to the perennial flow in the streams and rivers originating from the mountains, latest scientific research shows…Read More

Honey with coffee reinforces climate resilience

The famed Kodagu coffee estates are experimenting with bee farms to add to incomes so that the forested landscape of this biodiversity hotspot is better able to sequester carbon

While honey can sweeten coffee for the drinker, coffee farmers of Kodagu district of Karnataka are realising that raising bees for honey in the farms can sweeten their economic returns…Read More

Climate change measured in coffee rain

As Karnataka roils over the Kaveri water dispute, the underlying cause is lowered climate resilience of the agro-forestry ecosystem in Kodagu’s coffee plantations

Coffee planters in the hill district of Kodagu in Karnataka are meticulous in keeping rainfall records in their estates. For some, the data goes back for decades. Their numbers tell the story…Read More

Bringing coffee back into the shade

A unique eco-certification initiative in Kodagu’s famous coffee estates offers fresh hope for preserving native rainforests of the Western Ghats that ensures more water in the Kaveri River

Coffee farmers in Kodagu once grew their plants only under the canopy of evergreen forests. Now they prefer to grow it under the sun, which has serious implications for the Kaveri…Read More

Endemic trees in Western Ghats show climate resilience

The health of the water tank of peninsular India depends on the stability of its endemic tree species, according to a recent study

Even as a sapping drought sweeps across western Deccan Plateau in India, how the forests of the Western Ghats respond to climate change may show how much water the rivers originating in the mountain range carry to the plains…Read More