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East Kolkata Wetlands loses its champion

The recent death of Dhrubajyoti Ghosh, who focused global attention on the East Kolkata Wetlands, comes at a time when this unique urban ecosystem is in danger of being wiped out

It is impossible to disengage Dhrubajyoti Ghosh from the East Kolkata Wetlands at the eastern fringe of Kolkata that he introduced to the world as a unique urban ecosystem…Read More

Best of 2017: Realty chokes Kolkata wetlands

The marshes of East Kolkata Wetlands, an unique ecosystem that serves as the mega city’s low-carbon waste disposal and sewage treatment network, is being rapidly filled up due to an insatiable demand for real estate

The wetlands on the eastern fringe of Kolkata may soon be history if more and more buildings keep coming up there. This will destroy…Read More