Author: T.V. Padma

Drier wells in Deccan Plateau would deepen farm distress

As the climate changes for the worse over much of the semi-arid regions of India, the increasing demand for irrigation could lead to dry wells even if there is better groundwater recharge

Under changed climatic conditions, an expansion of irrigated agriculture in the Deccan Plateau would negate any gains in groundwater recharge due to increased rainfall, new research shows…Read More

Climate variability affects mental health among rural poor

New research linking climate variability and mental distress among India’s rural poor wades into a hotly debated topic

Climate variability affects the psychological well-being of adults, especially the rural poor, reports new research on India, rekindling the debate over the complex interplay of factors that could trigger mental distress in people…Read More

Global warming could turn Indian Ocean into ‘ecological desert’

New research shows that global warming is stripping the Indian Ocean of its microscopic plants, or phytoplankton; this could impact food security in the region and the global fisheries market

The Indian Ocean has lost up to a fifth of its microscopic plants in the last six decades due to global warming. This could turn one of the most biologically productive regions of the world into “an ecological desert” and impact future…Read More

South Asia’s air pollutants go global, can hit monsoon

The effects of climate change and industrial pollution are joining to thicken the toxic blanket over South Asia as well as disperse pollution globally, maybe even affecting the monsoon

The cocktail of pollutants blanketing South Asia has far-reaching consequences. Longer-lived pollutants can drift higher up into the atmosphere and diffuse globally. Moreover the pollutants have the potential to weaken the South Asia monsoon…Read More

Climate change affecting health, but how

Scientists are now sure of the correlation between global warming and human health, but big knowledge gaps remain, not least because climate and health researchers are rarely in touch with one another

India needs to address the huge gap between climate forecasters and health experts to be better prepared for the health impacts of warming temperatures, and devise sound…Read more