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Author: Mukta Patil

Gujarat’s solar irrigation cooperative has a solution for India’s groundwater crisis

Solar pumps can sell excess power instead of drawing more water than they need to

Phodabhai Parmar, a 72-year-old farmer, sits on a charpai sipping tea as solar panels gleam in the fields behind him. Parmar is one of six farmers who have formed the world’s first solar irrigation cooperative in Dhundi village in Gujarat’s Kheda district, about 90 km from Ahmedabad…Read More

India’s poorest areas most vulnerable to heat waves

Even as India launches plans to tackle heat waves in some cities, researchers have found that people living in impoverished parts of central India are the most vulnerable

People living in underdeveloped parts of central India are most vulnerable to the health impacts of heat waves, a Heat Vulnerability Index for the country has found…Read More