Author: Omair Ahmad

Tackling the great smog of India

Siddharth Singh, author of The Great Smog of India, speaks in an interview on the drivers of air pollution, the intersection of economics, transport and pollution, as well as what can be done

The Ganga through wide-angle British lens

Victor Mallet’s book on the Ganga does better when it looks beyond the Hindu faith that holds the river holy and describes the politics and practicalities that undermine its health

Victor Mallet’s River of life, river of death: the Ganges and India’s future is his big India book. Having been based in New Delhi from 2012 to 2016 as South Asia bureau chief of the Financial Times…Read More

India regrows forests to trap carbon emissions

Reforestation efforts have removed 12 billion tonnes of CO2 from the atmosphere. How can other countries replicate this success?

Large-scale tree planting efforts in India, China and South Korea have removed more than 12 billion tonnes of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere in 20 years, according to new analysis. Examining different afforestation programmes…Read more