Author: Athar Parvaiz

Tourist magnet Ladakh facing water scarcity

Water was once abundant in Ladakh, mainly due to its sparse population. But rapidly increasing tourist footfalls amid challenges posed by climate change is changing that equation

For 75-year-old Tsering Angdo, today’s Ladakh is an entirely a different world than the memories he has of his childhood. Back then, he and his fellows would take water for granted…Read More

Ice stupas not cutting ice with some farmers in Ladakh

Hailed as a climate-friendly innovation, the ice stupas of Ladakh are now being slammed by some downstream farmers for diverting water they could have used for farming and groundwater recharge

It is early June and the sun beats down harshly in the Ladakh Himalayas. Yet, the two giant artificial glaciers in the form of ice stupas in the cold desert’s Phyang village still stand tall…Read More